How to file Bankruptcy - United States

(Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy on Student Loans)

We understand that many cannot afford a lawyer and have to do it themselves.

Our videos are created from years of presenting cases in Federal and State courts.

Bankruptcy Videos Covers:

  • How to File Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy on Student Loans, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy).
  • Student Loans – The Process, The Procedure, How to Write a Brief, and Most Important – The Tricks They Will Use.

File Bankruptcy on Student Loan.

There are about 2 million people on Social Security or Retired and are still paying their Student Loans.  34 percent of all Student Loans are 40 years old or older.  You are not aloneReference Case Law, Roth v. Educ. Credit Mgmt. Corp. (In re Roth), 490 B.R. 908 (B.A.P. 9th Cir. 2013)

  • Some Judges believe that a Learning Disability is not a real Disability – We Show You What You Can Do – Click here for more details