Divorce Simple Straight Answers - United States

We have met many that just wanted simple straight answers to questions they have regarding Divorce.

  • You could not find the government’s website page on Divorce from your internet search, or their pages seem confusing.
  • It seems like other websites are trying to sell you something, get you to talk to one of their counselors, lawyers, or get you to fill out forms.
  • Right now, you are not interested in talking to a counselor, a lawyer, or filling out forms.

We understand, and this is why we created this guide.  To give you the simple straight answers you are seeking, with links to the government’s website regarding Divorce.

Divorce Terms and Explanations Part 3

Terms and Explanations Part 3:

Grandparents Rights, Inheritance, Alimony, Taxes & Alimony, Property, Restoration of Name, Financial Statement, Debts, Assets, Income, Judgment/Decree, Marital Settlement Agreement.

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Divorce Requirements

Divorce Requirements:

Health Insurance, Residency Requirement, Cannot Locate Spouse, Spouse Lives In Another State, The Documents You Will Need, Common-Law Marriage, Mediation/Reconciliation Counseling.

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Divorce Form Part 1

Divorce Forms Part 1:

Petition or Complaint, Cover Sheet, Financial or Information Sheet, Summons, Acceptance of Service, Respond form, Answer & Affidavit of Consent and Waiver, Serve by Publication form, Declaration of Service, Proof of Service form.

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Divorce Form Part 2

Divorce Forms Part 2:

Proof of Mailing form, Child Support Order, Parenting Plan, Marital Settlement Agreement, Application and Affidavit for Default & Entry of Default form, Motion to Set, Notice, Judgment/Decree, Certification form.

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Divorce Process

Divorce Process:

ID Theft, Questions You Need To Ask The Clerk, Pension, Social Security, and Retirement Accounts, Mortgage or Home, Military.

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