For YouTube Video

Here is a link to my website

Right now, I am starting to set every up.  This could take months because I am learning as I go.  This might also mean that I do not completely understand your question.  Please be patient with me.  I will try my best to get it all right. 

Amazon has already verified the email address and the domain I intend to send from.  Attached are screenshots of the verification from AWS SES. 

I am using a plugin called WP Offload SES Lite.  It keeps track of all the emails sent from my website.  Attached is a screenshot of WP Offload SES Lite. 

The subscription plugin I will use is called Paid Membership pro. 

Plus, WordPress also keep track of all email address of everyone who has access to the website.  WordPress allows me to delete users’ accounts, and this includes their email addresses.  Thus, WordPress keeps track of all subscription passwords.  If you are not a subscriber, I do not have your email address and cannot send you an email.

Every time a person signup for a subscription, they will get a confirmation email.  The email will state the following

Thank you for becoming a member of 

Your subscription starts on April 1, 2021, and will end on August 31, 2021. 

Your login ID is zxy1234. 

I wild also send an email letting them know that their subscription will end in 30 days.  The email will state the following.

Dear “ member ID”.  Your subscription will end in 30 days.  On August 31, 2021.  If you do not renew your subscription, it will end.

When they signup, they will have to provide their email address.  The subscription plugin I will use will keep track of their email address, handle all change of password requests, and unsubscribe requests automatically. 

For bounce emails and complaint emails, I should not get any because I will only get the email addresses from people who signup for a subscription.  Thus, if you did not signup for a subscription, I should not have your email address.

For bounce emails, I will delete the email address from my system and never send another email to that email address. 

For complaint emails, I will send a sorry for the inconvenience and never send another email to that email address.

The complaint email message will state the following.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  We will delete your email address from our system.  You should receive no future emails from 

If my website gets hacked or will be down for maintenance, I have to send everyone who has a subscription an email letting them know it was hacked or will be down and what I will do.

I will state something like the following.

The website was broken into on August 4, 2021.  Your user ID and password might have been compromised.  Please take all necessary precautions. 

We suggest changing all passwords associated with your user ID.  As we receive more information, we will keep you informed. 

We are updating our security to ensure this does not happen again in the future.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

The website will be down for maintenance from August 3, 2021, to August 5, 2021.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

The subscription plugin I will use does not allow me to see or view anyone’s password.  Plus, I do not know where it storages the passwords or if I can get access to them.  I can only see their email addresses. 

When a customer signup, they will have to agree to our Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy. 

Under the Privacy Policy page will have a Data We Collect section and RETENTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION section and POSSIBILITY TO FILE A COMPLAINT section.

If you are unable to increase the sending limits, then this is acceptable.  When I get everything fully up and running, I can apply again.

However, I would like to get out of sand box mode.