About Us


Our mission is to provide videos that are easy to understand and simple to follow.  Videos that the average person finds useful. 

Why, because many people just do not have the money and have to do it themselves.  We hope that our website will help others. 

Our videos are created from years of presenting cases in Federal and State Court on several different issues.  

We understand what it is like to be broke and cannot find any help. 

We use K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple) as our philosophy.  

Our Past:

Why FYI DIY (FYI – For Your Information  DIY – Do It Yourself )?  We purchased this domain name in 2004, and during this time, we were selling our DVDs and books on bankruptcy, and divorce.

At that time, before Facebook and YouTube became big, we were selling our DVDs through local TV advertising.  We ran out of money to keep the warehouse and conduct the advertising at the same time.  Consequently, we dropped it all.

Because of changes in technology, we can now offer our videos at a much lower price,  which we hope will help more people. 

Thank you.